Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Real Estate Agents Use Call Capture to Jump Start Their Business

It can be extremely hard to break into the real estate business, especially in the current economy. Real estate agents that are just starting out often don't have the advantage of a developed approach, industry contacts, and a wealth of clients to draw upon for referrals. This makes it crucial for new agents to use every tool at their disposal to try to make sales and gain new clients - otherwise, their time in real estate may be short lived. One recent piece of beneficial technology is call capture systems, which are dedicated phone numbers that help agents generate leads and track their advertising.

Basically, a call capture system is set up to provide a different extension for each property an agent is selling. These different extensions can be placed on sign riders, paper ads, websites, and any other place an agent advertises properties. When a prospective client calls the number and dials the extension, they can be given specific information about the home, while at the same time capturing information about the caller such as name, address and phone number.

This information is then sent to the agent, who can use it to follow up on qualified leads. For new agents, call capture systems are an invaluable way to develop a good follow up method, as leads generated by a call capture system have already shown themselves to be interested in what the agent is offering. As seasoned veterans know, good follow up is the cornerstone of real estate selling; and without a steady stream of qualified leads, an agent can't create new business.

Real estate call capture systems also reduce the margin of error, a noted issue for new agents. There are no more missed calls, as call capture systems are automated, and nearly every call will generate a good lead. More sales opportunities quickly become present, and they can be developed into sales by a qualified real estate agent.

The features of the systems are significant and versatile, and can be utilized by different agents for very different purposes. Call capture systems provide a great deal of organization, for instance; new leads can be tracked and monitored, and an agent can organize leads by location, property called on, or information requested.  This can allow a real estate agent to develop a personal strategy for each phone call. If a caller's address is in a certain part of town, for instance, the agent will know where they are currently living and can reference differences or similarities in the two areas.

New real estate agents can build their credibility with home sellers, too, by giving a short demonstration of how a call capture system works and how it can increase the chances of selling a home at a decent price in a short time frame. Sellers generally want every advantage that they can get when putting their property on the market, which is why they look for an agent in the first place. This technology is impressive to clients and instills a sense of confidence in both buyers and sellers. Sometimes, this can make the difference between a sale and no sale for a real estate agent.

Even if a new agent doesn't have a wealth of property listings, call capture systems can still be a valuable tool. By using the technology on their websites, agents can offer clients free real estate reports and information on listings they are marketing online. The call capture system can also alert customers when homes are available in their price range or of upcoming open houses clients may be interested in.

A well-implemented and maintained system provides a unique and effective way for new real estate agents to connect with prospective clients, regardless of their experience level. The technology can be an essential part of a real estate agent's toolkit, when organized effectively and actively used to contact and sell to homeowners. Most importantly, call capture systems help to establish credibility and trust, two things that every agent needs for a long and successful career.

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