Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Free Foreclosure Lists - Best Way to Find Properties

Great deals are available in almost every city today because of the economic downturn. Up to 5% of homes across the nation are in default. Over a million properties are subject to pending public auctions. With this glut of homes available, finding dozens of great prospects is easier today than during anytime in U.S. history. Finding these properties does require investigation, evaluation, and a sharp eye to identify great deals.

Free foreclosure listings are available, without obligation or risk, from the best research firms in the country. Do not waste time on incomplete or out of date lists. The best lists contain all information needed to preview, qualify, and select great prospects almost instantly. These lists are available, without cost, because all reputable firms know that you must feel comfortable with their products before purchasing. They offer free trial offers for up to a week.

When you sign up for a free trial offer, you will gain access to a wide assortment of data for each foreclosure listings source. You may search each source by any criteria you choose. You can eliminate poor quality homes quickly. This necessity is easy using provided search functions. Search options include net value estimates, tax valuations, outstanding liens and total lien balances. You may mix and match your searches similar to sorting popular spreadsheets.

The best way to find properties is to limit your searches to a local area. In this way, when you find your first dozen interesting prospects, you can drive by for a curbside inspection. Many databases include photographs. As useful as photographs are, they cannot reveal all details you will notice in a physical inspection. You may want to talk to surrounding neighbors, and perhaps discover why the home is in foreclosure.

Try several different services and databases before subscribing. The best list is the one that produces bidding opportunities efficiently. Your time is valuable. Use it wisely, and you may be bidding in a few days, free of all cost and obligation.

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