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Property Magazine and Other Ways of Property Promotion

If you are planning to have your home, you need to invest in a property. You need to invest in additional properties which can be put under names. You can also prefer to become a real estate seller when you found a good area where you can live.

If you really want to own property, the main question is how you can sell it to your prospective buyers with good market value. What are the best and effective ways of advertising this property? How long can you sell them? To answer these questions, you must read the following strategies of promoting you property for sale to sell them as fast as possible.

Build a social media site. Due to the existence of high technology today, most of the businesses take advantage to use it. The good reason of this is because social networking page is one of the most interesting and effective strategies to expand the information regarding the business. As you can notice, many companies are currently using social media sites for promoting their properties. They also create their own page to focus well on the promotion. However, for a simple seller, you don't need to create like this page because you will just sell the property for a single time. You may just use personal profile and post the picture of your property and tag it to all your friends. You may also just use flyers to post pictures of your property. These should indicate the comprehensive information including the amount of the property, the location and as well as the complete contact information.

Next is using online listing sites. These are websites made for a certain subject. Some of the sites focus only on real estate and the others are just directories that are mainly used for posting your ads.

Property magazine is also an effective way of property promotion. Since lots of the people are fond of reading journals and magazines, there is a big possibility for your property to be sold. In utilizing a property magazine, you can easily advertise your property in formal ways and the good thing is that it will be sold in a desirable price.

Commercial Agents - Tips to Increase the Sales of Commercial Property Today

When it comes to the sale of any commercial property today, there is plenty of competition to contend with. In most cities and towns, there are many good properties listed and being actively marketed. The biggest frustration in selling commercial property today is in finding the right buyers who can act with appropriate finance. In simple terms there are fewer buyers around; the experience and expertise of the real estate agent is more important than ever before in the sale process.

From the outset of the property marketing campaign, the specific target market should be the focus. All of the advertising should be written with a view to the targeted buyer. Clarity is important here.

All of the advertising for the property should be structured around the target and what they are looking for today; the advertisements, promotional material, Internet listings, and direct mail campaigns should all be similarly structured.

To understand this target market ask yourself these questions.

  • Where is the buyer for the property coming from?

  • What is the buyer looking for in selecting a property?

  • How much can they spend and on what terms?

  • What are the real features of the property that the advertising should be built around?

  • What is the best time of year to attract a buyer to the property?

  • What is the best method of sale that will attract the buyer to enquire and then to purchase?

  • What are the negative issues relating to the property that should be addressed prior to the campaign commencing?

  • What are the comparable properties nearby that frustrate the marketing process?

So these questions are critical to the property promotion strategy. The buyers in today's property market are selective and fickle. There are fewer buyers around and negotiations take longer. That being said, the experience and skills of the real estate agent in the promotion, inspection, and closing of a property transaction is now more important than ever before. Knowledge and practice will help the process.

Every marketing campaign has to address the target market and promote the individual property. The days of generic marketing are gone. Specific target marketing with dedicated advertising that really encourages enquiry should be the main focus of every campaign.

The best ways to increase the levels of enquiry in every commercial property campaign include the following:

    1. The buyers of commercial property typically come from the local area. This means that your campaign should be directed to the local property owners and the local business owners. To achieve this focus, it is best to direct mail and telephone the owners and the businesses that own or occupy local property. Every piece of direct mail should be followed up to optimise the enquiry and the information.

    1. When any property comes on the market, within the first 24 hours ensure that flyers and information brochures are personally delivered to the neighboring properties and businesses within a radius of 500 metres.

    1. Place a prominent signboard on the property at the start of the campaign. This is perhaps the best and most cost efficient way of promoting any property. If possible ensure that the signboard has specifically been created with property information and sale details.

    1. When you draft your advertisements for the property promotion, use the keywords that apply today to the property type and location. These keywords will help the Internet Marketing and Internet listing. You can research the keywords from the larger search engines on the Internet. These keywords will be the words that the buyers of property are entering into the search engines when looking for properties to purchase.

    1. When the promotion of property commences, make personal contact with the database within your office. This means telephone calls and meetings with the appropriate people. The information and leads that you gather from the campaign will be helpful in other property promotions at a later time. All the information should be entered into your database.

    1. E-mail marketing will be a useful tool for every property promotion. Most agents are selectively sending out e-mail marketing each week. Any property promotion can be merged into this process.

    1. To sell a property today, the best method of sale should be selected. That will be the method that buyers respond to and act within. Do not choose a method of sale that can frustrate the potential purchasers. The

    1. Vendor paid marketing remains the normal and sensible alternative in every marketing campaign. Any serious property vendor will commit marketing funds to the promotion of their own property. Always ask for vendor paid advertising to comprehensively cover the target market.

  1. Create an inspection process and strategy that covers the property and its features. Understand exactly how you will take people to and around the property. Identify the right things to talk about with buyers, and get market information to support your presentations or inspections.

Even in this tougher property environment, good properties will sell. It is a matter of the agency working hard to locate the buyers and then promote the property effectively. This is a personal process when it comes to each and every property.

Open listings are generally a waste of time today as they always take longer to sell. Every serious vendor that needs to sell their property should commit to an exclusive listing and marketing campaign with one specialist commercial agency for a period of at least three or four months. If the property is unique then that time line will be longer.

Presentation Skills in Commercial Investment Property

In a commercial real estate, it is necessary to undertake formal presentations quite regularly. In the case of corporate owners, you may be presenting to a board of directors or the key decision makers for the business. Your skill in the presentation process must be well considered and planned.

In many situations, you only have one opportunity to make the best impression with these decision makers. They may however be taking presentations from a number of your competing real estate agencies. To help with this process, we have listed below some of the key issues that you can raise in the meeting which will demonstrate your relevance and professionalism to the client.

Good points of focus in a great commercial real estate presentation include:

  1. Innovation should be clearly provided in the ways of marketing the property lease or the sale. Innovation is essential to the promotion of commercial property. Strive to be different in your approach. Increasingly today, we are seeing elements of Internet promotion and marketing which cleverly supports the sale or lease of the real estate in question. It is not just a matter of having your website on which to advertise the property. It is the cleverly designed adverts which describe the property using relevant keywords which are used to attract the search engines. In this way your property advertisement will be seen more readily and more frequently by the target market.

  2. Pricing and rent structures are provided to the client that offers solid reason and sound logic. When providing a recommendation to the client regards rent or price of the property, it is important to have a reason for such choice. The client needs to know the reasons for your recommendations and be given evidence of the comparable properties nearby. Sometimes it is necessary to gather comparable evidence from another location. This is due to the unique nature of commercial property and the consequential lack of comparisons in your local area.

  3. Fall back structures are offered that the client can use when the deal is being considered or being negotiated. Not all transactions in commercial real estate easily occur. It is therefore necessary to have a fallback position and a supporting logic process that the client can understand. If the client needs to accept a rental or a price for the property which is below their initial benchmarks, it is the logic that you provide that will support the transaction and potentially bring it to finality faster. If really depends on what the client needs to do with the proceeds from the sale or lease. Every property transaction provides an element of pain to the client. It is their pain factor which will be your leverage to bring them to a final decision.

  4. Sources of solid and provable property enquiry such as databases are integrated into the marketing at all times. Every property transaction should be well promotion into and through the database within your business. This means that your database should be searchable within particular criteria relative to property type, size, price, rental, and other key criteria relevant to your area. In many cases, the size of your database will be an attraction to the client in making a final decision of a suitable agent to take on the property promotion. Your database is a marketable feature of your business, so use it in your client dialogue.

  5. Modern internet marketing methods are provided and optimised in a unique way for the property. The Internet today offers many channels of property listing. Importantly it is the optimised enquiry that you want from that listing process. Every property promotion will allow you to build your database. Every enquiry should be entered into your database for the opportunity of redirection to another listing in the future. The better you handle the internet, the more enquiry you will achieve.

  6. All methods of sale or lease are explained but the best choice is recommended with logical reasons to proceed. All property promotions need to be carefully considered as the market and location of the property will dictate the most suitable method of promotion to achieve the best result for the client within a timely fashion. It is important to understand the client's pressures of time in the sale or leasing process so that your deal can be structured as quickly as possible. Failure to negotiate a timely sale or lease can see the listing move to another agency. This is not a good outcome.

  7. Target markets are defined and explained. Every property needs to be matched to the market which will bring you the best results. If the property owner understands and agrees with your target market, then the property promotion and decision process is more readily achieved. It is the best target market that will bring the best results in the sale price or rental. Have the client commit to your recommendations on the target market selected.

  8. Any challenges and concerns of the client such as price, rent, and timing are solidly addressed and understood by all concerned. If the client has any concerns regards the marketplace, the economy, or the property, it is wise to qualify and handle the concerns of the client before they delay or affect the final decision and negotiation. In some situations, you can raise the concerns of the client in the listing process to display your total understanding, then offering solutions to help them through their concerns.

Yes, listing presentation time is show time in commercial real estate. It is not an isolated event, and is your time to stand head and shoulders above your more ordinary competition. It is not a canned, standard, or memorised presentation script that you do every day, but rather should drill down onto the critical elements of the property promotion. It is dynamic, engaging and productive addressing the property in question.

Remember that the presentation for the promotion of the commercial property is about the client and their property needs, not your business and its history or expertise. Effective presentations are at the core of effective sales and leasing transactions in commercial real estate. The better you do your job in the presentation, the more listings and commissions you will generate.

Property Signboard Tips and Tools to Capture Interest

Advertising is an important part of business generation when it comes to investment property leasing. You have to get the story out to the market in the most efficient way and attract the right tenants that can give the property a real future. Not every tenant will be a good tenant.

Not only is it essential to undertake efficient advertising in the local media and press, but signboards boards and the internet are also a vital advertising medium to attract enquiry. A signboard is often the most effective way of selling or leasing a property given the local passing traffic and the surrounding community. The internet is the most efficient way to attract enquiry from the broader market at low cost.

The traditional newspaper as an advertising medium is becoming less efficient in sustained message value and remains high in cost.

When the advertising of specific properties is undertaken as part of a campaign, the switchboard or receptionist in your office should be kept fully informed of the particular campaign and of the appropriate person to whom any telephone inquiry should be directed regarding that property. Efficiency in the call and enquiry capture process must be established. Your database in the process will also be part of the capture strategy.

Signs on the Property

Signs placed on the property are still high value in the advertising process locally. The following points should be checked regards your signage.

  • Ensure that colours and design proposed are correct for the property and the agency.

  • Check address, website, email, and telephone numbers for the property board.

  • Put your name on the board to personalise any contact and be prepared to attract enquiry at any time and on any day.

When you and the agency appear on a joint advert, signboard, or brochure, the following matters should be considered relative to your office.

  • If one or more joint agents appear one on top of the other in the advert, then try to position your name on the top.

  • If joint agent's names appear side by side, endeavour to position your name on the most prominent side which in most cases is the right hand side.

  • Insert location of your other offices particularly if joint agent has mentioned more than one office.

  • Be careful to select the correct size name (Logo) plate. Often imbalance is due solely to the use of the wrong size.

  • Where possible always offer your services and be seen as an expert as you then have some degree of control and will attract the right enquiry.

  • The use of corflute signs is to be encouraged today. These signs are cheap and have a use as an external sign on industrial and office properties and as an internal sign on shop windows. They are very versatile and easy to transport.

  • Old signs that show damage should always be refreshed or discarded because they can send the wrong message regards your expertise as a real estate agent.

Each Agency should maintain a Sign Location Register. In the Register, is recorded the location of all boards that are erected, the erected cost of such board, whether any or all of such cost is recoverable from the client and the date upon which such board is returned "to store". It is preferable that the Register allows sufficient space for insertion of a photo (photos) of the erected board.

During early negotiations with a client, stress should be placed upon the promotional value of having a sign placed upon the property. Wherever an opportunity occurs in the promotion of a property, you should arrange for an appropriate sign to be erected either "For Sale - For Lease - Auction - Tender" etc.

"Sold By" and "Leased By" stickers should be held in stock for immediate use wherever possible. Your success in the property promotion needs to be conveyed to the market. This will generate more listings for you.

Always obtain your clients approval before erecting a sign and confirm with your client any commitment to costs. When client's approval is obtained, the site should be inspected to establish the best location for sign placement.

Conjunction Agency Signs

Wherever possible with conjunction agent relationships and property promotion, establish your agency as the co-coordinating Agent, thereby responsible for production, order, location and sign placement, therefore giving you final control. Should your Agency not be the co-coordinating Agent, the person responsible for signs or their representative should always be present at meetings dealing with conjunction signs.

Ensure that your Agency always obtains equal space for its name and logo on any property signage as compared with the space used by the conjunction agent. Negotiate for the correct colours to be used and secure the side of the board which has the greatest prominence given the location that the board is to be placed.

John Highman is an expert in investment real estate strategy, property performance, and tenant mix analysis and strategy. He is an author and coach that helps property investors, and real estate agents improve their retail, industrial, and commercial real estate opportunities and targets.

John has specialised in major commercial, industrial, and retail property for over 30 years. He knows what works and what doesn't. He gives you the 'good oil' on getting active and achieving results.

Commercial Property Agents - 3 Tips for Successful Commercial Property Marketing Today

Most commercial properties today will sell, even though the rate of enquiry is less in frequency from each property marketing campaign. It all comes down to the dedication of the agent to find the right buyers and tap into the right target market.

When sellers come to an agent and want to list and sell or rent their property, the choices they have may be the same as always such as the method of sale, marketing choices, time of promotion, and local area marketing, but the effort of the agent today has to be more focused within the listing period.

That being said, open listings with a number of agents are less effective today. Most open listings will stay on the market much longer. That is because:

· Open listings do not market the property intensely

· Enquiry is not driven by one skilful agent

· Agents spend most of their time working on the exclusive listings that they have on their books

· The seller really does not have any control on what is being said and done in promoting their open listed property

· Open listings are a 'hope and wait' process with little momentum from any agent. Any sale or lease is a product of luck.

· The marketing of open listings is really just a random process with little thought being applied to the target audience

It is easy to show a seller why an open listing is a waste of time. Some agents will not take open listings in this market because they know that the seller is not serious and cannot be committed to the marketing and inspection process. Negotiations on open listed properties are slower and harder to complete; the vendor of the property looks at the agent as an adversary in the sale process and generally makes the negotiation more difficult.

The 3 tips that should be taken into and used in every commercial property promotion today are:

    1. Vendor paid marketing is essential. This will tell you if the vendor is serious in selling their property. As to just how much money should be committed to the sale campaign really depends on the target market, but 1% of the sale price is a good starting point for vendor paid marketing funds.

    1. Exclusive property listing with one agency is critical to create the focus on property promotion, inspections, and negotiation. That agent can really drive the enquiry and the communications back to the client. Good communications will always help the negotiation when the time comes.

  1. The size and quality of the database that the agent has will have real impact on the property promotion. As part of that, the agent must know how to drill down on the database and extract the right people to promote the property to. Not enough agents today really use the database concept correctly or completely. In many cases the database is so out of date that it could even frustrate the sale process. That being said, a good database that is up to date and accurate will help the sale process greatly.

You can fast track any property promotion with these 3 basic things in place. Ultimately the client just wants to sell the property; the right agent will know how to do that in any market and at any time.

How to Write a Good Ad to Promote Your Holiday Villa Or Apartment on the Internet

The Internet companies involved in advertising properties promote themselves and their clients ads to attract rental inquiries which are received directly by the owner or managing agent. These companies do their best to promote what they are given but the success of their endeavors has a great deal to do with what the owners provide to site users in the content of their adverts. It is a joint effort and many owners do not make the best of promoting their properties. This article attempts to give guidance to owners on how to write good Ad copy to attract more interest in your holiday homes.

The Important Things to Consider In You Ad

As an advertiser you want to present to potential clients the very best aspects of your rental proposition and its surroundings. You want to highlight the benefits to your potential renter as seen in their eyes. Your Ad proposition should at the very least address the issues listed here...

  • Make an eye catching headline summarising the major benefits of the property and its location that would attract the kind of renters you seek. If ideal for a family holiday say so. Target your renters by identifying what kind of people, couples, large groups or otherwise your property would attract.

  • Make a very clear and unambiguous statement about what your are renting. Describe its size and location, whether it is completely private or not and point out any shared facilities that may exist. Also point out the proximity to local resources like beaches and shops and wether a car is required for practical purposes.

  • Include as many quality photos as possible of the property and its location. Show pictures of local attractions like beaches and mountain views. Just because you may have 3 bathrooms it does no mean you attract more interest in your property by including a photo of each. Try to set a balance between the main property features inside and out like pool, terrace and garden. If there are unique and interesting things to see include a photo of them to, particularly beaches and country views. Do remember to take photos in optimal lighting conditions. Use the sunlight but avoid producing deep shadows by the position you take the photos. Also with modern digital cameras you may take many shots before selecting 10 or so for inclusion in your Ad.

  • Make clear the number of bedrooms, sleeping sizes and the distribution of the bedrooms in the property. If you sub-let part of the property separately point this out. Also indicate if the sub-let can be let to one individual group along with other parts of the property. People will want to know if they are sharing the property or part of it with the owners or other renters. It is better to get clients who know up-front what to expect, rather than be disappointed and never to return again. You want to pamper your clients and ensure everything is as described in your Ad. Why risk conflict and disputes! You want to foster a healthy and friendly relationship with your clients so they may return another day.

  • Make use of maps, particularly, if available, interactive maps so people can see where your property is in relation to other places like towns, roads, beaches, airports, attractions etc.

  • Make your rental tariff clear; distinguishing between Low, Mid an High season prices. Do not over complicate it with a different price for each week of the year. People will first scan your Ad for prominent features that attract them, mainly the photos. They will not bury themselves in unnecessary and complicated detail. Another important issue is that you do your research to set your prices by looking at similar properties in your location and making yourself competitive! You can do this by looking at other advertisers Ads.

  • Make your payment terms clear including deposits and when due. Ensure that you explain the method required to transfer funds. Also spell out if a breakage deposit applies, how much and the terms of release.

  • Take care to describe what arrangements are made for cleaning and who to contact in emergencies. Say you will provide a house book for important telephone numbers, doctors, police, hospitals, the pool man and how to work the washing machine etc.

  • Offer advise on local amenities like supermarkets, shopping and other local facilities. Give names and directions.

  • Recommend places to eat, restaurants, things to do and see. Where there are local attractions that would attract children, point them out as many families are interested in occupying their childrens time where family holidays are involved. And the children can often have a big influence on whether they may make a booking by knowing this information up-front.

  • Try to target your Ad copy at the type of clients you seek. There is a big difference between couples seeking peace and quite and groups of people looking for night life. Be aware if you have neighbors that the kind of people you are trying to attract are not going to leave a legacy of bad feeling with you and your neighbors. Target your property type to the people it is best suited to.

  • Describe the atmosphere of your location, the people and their customs, this adds richness to the experience they may find by renting your property. Explain when and where local fiestas and celebrations take place for example. Remember first time visitors will not know this information in advance and by providing it you pre-sell your Ad proposition because they see not just your property but what kind of holiday experience they may have by renting it. You need to placate any reservations renters may have up front by providing clear, concise and complete information that does not require them to make repeated secondary enquiries. This will increase the number of enquiries that turn into bookings!

  • When you write your Ad copy ensure you break It up into byte size chunks with paragraphs breaks. Put the main benefits first, as seen through the eyes of your potential renters. If you have a managing agent or independent contact person dealing with your clients indicate how these people may be contacted should it be needed. This will help to provide a warm feeling that you care about your clients.

  • Make sure you point out any safety features you have in place, particularly where children are concerned. Point out the need for supervised access to your pool where appropriate when children are involved.

  • Explain what facilities are available to your clients from TV to Internet. If video recorders and music systems are on offer make sure you indicate that full instructions for their use will be provided in your house book. Where your private property is concerned explain your preferences to respect your privacy in these matters.

  • Where possible provide information like distances to motorways, Major routes, airports, train and bus stations where appropriate. Give names and telephone numbers of local car hire and taxi companies you recommend. Where airlines are involved point out which companies travel to your destination and when as availability of flights might determine which days are possible to start a rental period.

  • If your Ad has an availability option make sure you keep it up to date. The enquirer will not make an enquiry for dates shown as booked and this saves you unnecessary work.

  • If your property has its own web site with more comprehensive details the reader can refer to, consider the option of adding a link to this site from your Ad.

  • Normally your primary contact method would be via email generated by the company hosting your Ad, but these days many people use free email accounts provided by Google, Yahoo and the like. You will need to ensure your enquiries are getting to you and not stuck in some spam filter! Regularly try a test enquiry to your self to make sure it is working. When you provide telephone contacts make sure it is clear including country codes etc.

  • Many companies provide SMS enquiry alerts in addition to email enquiries. If you use this feature point it out in your Ad copy so that the enquirer knows you can respond promptly in case you are not at that time able to respond to your email. This way you wont leave them hanging wondering if you got their enquiry.

  • One final point is to make it very clear when your change over times are. You want time to clean the property for the next renters so you should say when clients are expected to vacate the property and new visitors should be given a time to take possession.

There are many other aspects to promoting such property Ads on the Internet, which I may go into in a future article but for now if you try to address all the points raised in this article your Ad will definitely attract more interest, raising the prospects of a better rental season.

6 Essential Keys to Advertising Commercial Property

Advertising a property for sale or for lease should be a well constructed process that matches the target market. When you get the balance and message right you attract enquiry which can be captured in a database of information. That is why many real estate agents will build their business on the back of specific advertising campaigns. The bigger your database, the more attractive you are to the clients that need your services.

What should be your objectives in marketing the property? First and foremost it should be to achieve a sale or lease in a timely way at a good price or rent. There are however other considerations that should not be forgotten. They are:

  1. You should build a solid and long term profile for the property and the agency. That is why your advertising campaign should not just be a once off or random event. Well constructed adverts in a staged promotional campaign are essential. Change the size and type of the adverts as well as the publications used, so that you are reaching all the channels of interest that captures the target market.

  2. Choose the key message about the property and then use it to reinforce interest and attitudes towards the property. The message should be consistent and relative to the market and buyers or tenants as the case may be. If the property has a positive history or identity that is well known in the community, then build on it.

  3. It is sometimes necessary to use your advert to change buyer or tenant perceptions of your property. If the property has been advertised before with other agents and without any success you will need to revisit the advert message and change it to something fresh that will revitalise the interest. The commercial real estate market has a small pool of buyers, investors, and tenants. They all have good memories when it comes to property promotion and history.

  4. To help the sale or rental of the property you can promote new uses for the building that have not been identified before in other adverts or by other agents. The more creative you can be in these fresh ideas, the better. It should be said that legal use and zoning restrictions should be respected in any claims you make about the property now and for the future.

  5. Build on benefit and tell a story about the property through editorial. The media editors love a story that can help them sell papers. If this writing is a challenge for you then find a wordsmith that can compile editorial for you.

  6. Where possible make the property promotion very visual using signboards, internet, paper advertisements, professional photographs, editorial, flyers, direct mail, and email database. When carefully staged these methods of approach will lever out the property enquiry that you need.

The advertising objectives must be a function of the marketing objectives which in turn, is derived from evaluation of your client's problems, targets, and opportunities. It is just a promotional equation and you are the promoter.

John Highman is an expert in investment real estate strategy and performance. He is a keynote speaker and coach that helps property investors, and real estate agents globally to improve their commercial real estate property opportunities and targets.

John has specialised in major commercial, industrial, and retail property for over 30 years. He knows what works and what doesn't. He gives you the 'good oil' on getting active and achieving results.